Fort Atlantic - Let Your Heart Hold Fast chords version 1

So, you probably heard this on Season 8, Episode 12 of How I met your mother. So I 
thought I'd give you the chords.

Enjoy and please rate my tab!


Chords used E A C#me--0---0---4---|B--0---2---5---|G--1---2---6---|D--2---2---6---|A--2---0---4---|E--0---0---4---|
EAll may days are spent
A EAll my cards are dealt
C#m A EOh the desolation grows
EEvery inch revealed
A EAs my heart is pierced
Cm# A EOh my soul is now exposed
EIn the oceans deep
A EIn the canyons steep
C#m A EWalls of granite here I'll stand
EAll my desperate calls
AEcho off the walls
C#m A EBack and forth then back again
A ETo believe I walk alone
A C#mIs a lie that I've been told
E So let your heart hold fast
A EFor this soon shall pass
C#m A ELike the high tide takes the sand
Sing 2x
EOh, oh, oh, oh, oh
A EOh, oh, oh, oh, oh
C#m A EOh, oh, ooooh, ooooh, ohhhh, oh, oh
EAt the bitter end
A ESalt and liquid blend
C#m A EFrom the corner of my eyes
EAll the miles wrecked
A EEvery broken step
C#m A EAlways searching always blind
A ENever fear, no, never fear
A C#mNever fear, no, never fear
E So let your heart hold fast
A EFor this soon shall pass
C#m A EThere's another hill ahead
My take on the Piano outro for guitar
| Play 3x | e-4-0---2-4-----7-0----4-0---2-4--0-0-2-4-0-----|B-----------0-------0-----------------------4-4-|G-----------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------|E---0-0-----0-0----------0-0------0-------0-----|
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