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Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 00:43:54 +0000
From: Tim Ford 
Subject: CRD: f/fountains_of_wayne/kid_gloves.crd

Kid Gloves by Fountains of Wayne (Collingwood/Schlesinger)
>From the "Sink To The Bottom" CD-single
Transcribed by Graham Smith and Tim Ford
(corrections and comments welcomed at
Note: capo 2nd fret and play the chord shapes indicated in 3/4 time.
Normal tuning. The wah-wah is playing a D5 throughout.

Intro D  Em7(1)  D  G/B X2

D             Em7(1)       D      G/B
She's wearing kid gloves
     D         Em7(1)      D      G/B
Will handle me carefully
      G                   A7
Cause I've got a history, cracked up and fragile
    Bm       A      *G to G/F#     Em7(2)
And bound to break easy

(* don't play the full bar, hit the F# note of the G/F# chord,
on the E string, on the last beat and go straight to Em7)

D      Em7(1)         D      G/B
And if she could talk to me
     D             Em7(1)    D      G/B
What good would it do me
        G                          A7
It's no secret where I've been and I have worn so thin
    Bm          Cadd9 (riff 1) D
And she can see through me

Chorus 1:
G  G/F# Em        A
I don't believe a word of it
G          G/F#          Em            A
Can't come around to her now that I've heard of it
Cadd9                      D
Now that her soft touch is gone
She's got her kid gloves on        (riff 2)
(riff 2 repeats from the end of the first chorus more or less
to the end of the song but its down in the mix and hard to tell)

D  Em7(1)  D  G/B X2

D            Em7(1)       D      G/B
Here is what I've found
    D         Em7(1)      D      G/B
New York just gets me down
         G                A7
When the going got tough, I got a bus ticket
Bm         A        G to G/F#     Em7(2)
Back to my home town

    D           Em7(1)     D     G/B
And all the way I dreamed
D                Em7(1)    D     G/B
Flesh wrapped in velveteen
        G                           A7
And the road wrapped around me, the long lonely highway
       Bm        Cadd9 (riff 1) D
Gulped down by a Greyhound

(Chorus 1)

(Solo over chords for verse, use Emaj scale)

Chorus 2:
G  G/F#  Em       A
I don't believe a word of it
G          G/F#          Em            A
Can't come around to her now that I've heard of it
G          G/F#              Em       A
Won't come around cause I'll only get hurt and it
Cadd9                      D
Now that her soft touch is gone
Cadd9                 D
How could she ever go on
Am                     D
Without her kid gloves on

Repeat D  Em7(1)  D  G/B X6 and end on D

1231231231231 Em7 (1) Em7(2) D5|e----------|--0--0--0---------|---3---------3--------4-||B----------|---3--3--3230-----|---3---------3--------2-||G----------|-------------2----|---0---------0--------1-||D----------|------------------|---2---------2--------0-||A--3-2-0---|------------------|---x---------2--------0-||E----------|------------------|---x---------0--------x-| riff 1 riff 2 chords...
D G/B G A7 Bm A G/F# Cadd9 Em|e----2-----3-----3-----0-----2-----0-----3-----0-----0-||B----3-----3-----3-----2-----3-----2-----3-----3-----0-||G----2-----0-----0-----0-----4-----2-----0-----0-----0-||D----0-----0-----0-----2-----4-----2-----0-----2-----2-||A----0-----2-----2-----0-----2-----0-----x-----3-----2-||E----x-----x-----3-----x-----2-----0-----2-----x-----0-|...all fret positions relative to capo on second fret
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