Fra Lippo Lippi – Stitches And Burns tab

fra lippo lippi
stitches and burns
tabbed by: Mark Vincent Flores

i made this while listening to my mp3 collection... i think it really sounds right. but
if you're not satisfied with my work, you can send your comments and suggestions to my
enjoy the song...


e|---------2-----------------------2-----------| B|5-3-5-3-5---3-3---5----5-3-5-3-5---3-3-------| G|----------------4----------------------2-4---| D|---------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|
e|--------5-2----------------------2-----------| B|5-3-5-3-----3-3---5----5-3-5-3-5---3-3-------| G|----------------4----------------------2-4---| D|---------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------|
e|------------| B|------------| A|2/4-2/4-2---| D|------------| A|------------| E|------------|
verse: G A D People say that im a fool G Well, I don't know G A Bm G At least I found out what it takes to be strong G A D I was dreaming all day long G A drifting cloud G A Bm G pause With eyes wide open I would choose not to see Chorus: G A Now I don't wanna see you anymore D Bm Don't wanna be the one to play your game G A Not even if you smile your sweetest smile Bm G Not even if you beg me darling please verse 2: G A D Say good morning to the world G I hope you like it G A Bm G Take good care o' all those things that we had G A D G I've been looking for a way for too long now G A Bm G pause Seems like everything must come to an end repeat chorus 2x Bridge: Bm A Time after time D G - F#m Nothing that I can't do Bm F#m Knowing you ways and loving your ways G A But not getting through at all Bm A Day after day D G - F#m Leaving the past behind Bm F#m Coming to terms with stitches and burns G A - A7 And learning to fly again - repeat chorus 2x -
Ending:e|--------------------------- | -------------5-------------|B|3-3-5/7-5------------------ | -5-7-5-5--7-8--------------|G|-----------7-6-4---7------- | 7-----7--------7-7---------|D|-----------------7--------- | ---------------------------|A|--------------------------- | ---------------------------|E|--------------------------- | ---------------------------|
e|--------------------------- | ---------------------------|B|-5-7----------------------- | -7-5-7-8-10-10-8-7-5-7-----|G|7--------------7-7-9-9-11-7 | ----------------------7----|D|-----9-7--4-5-7------------ | 7--------------------------|A|--------------------------- | ---------------------------|E|--------------------------- | ---------------------------|next part is fading... sepraha lang brad kay gikapoy na ko...
fra lippo is one of my favorite bands... i preferred stitches and burns coz' its my phone's ring-tone. Ahehehe... greetings to all the Ateneans of CDO and to all the members of the Flores Clan and FFSI. Let's keep the music ALIVE...
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