Frampton Peter – Show Me The Way tab

                              C                              E        
Lord Show me the way, Mold me like Clay,

                  Am                             F
Help me to hear, What you will say,

         C                                         E                                         Am
Whatever happens next, I know that you know best, Put My Mind to rest,

F                                C            G/B            Am          G/B
           Show me the way.

Verse 1:

    C                       G/B
Walkin down this dirt road, thinking,

  Am                 G/B
About how my heart’s been sinking.

C             G/B
     How I tried…

           Am          G/B
But I failed.

 C            G/B                  Am              G/B                            C
All of the time is running out, what to do, I’m filled with doubt. 

                 G/B            F
I raise my arms, as I shout….


Verse 2:

 C                        G/B                 Am 
     There are two sides to every story,

           G/B                  C
Both wanting all the glory….

              G/B            Am         G/B
       But both can’t win.

   C                 G/B
Neither of us, want to choose, 

      Am                     G/B                  C
But we don’t want to be the one to lose,

     G/B                    F
So lord we call on you…
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