Francesca Battistelli - Behind The Scenes chords

Dm	C	Bb/D	Dm	C/E	F

[Verse 1]
Dm C BbYou may think
Dm C/E FIím just fine
Dm C/E BbHow could any - thing
Dm C/E FEver be out of line?
[Verse 2] I take my time To set the stage To make sure everything Is all in place [Bridge 1]
C Dm Even though Iíve got the lines rehearsed
C Dm BbA picture only paints a thousand words
FThings arenít always what they seem
C/EYouíre only seeing part of me
DmThereís more than you could ever know
BmBe - hind the scenes
FIím incomplete and Iím undone
C/EBut I suppose like everyone
DmThereís so much more thatís going on
BmBehind the scenes
[Verse 3] Sometimes I canít see Anything Through the dark Surrounding me And at times Iím unsure About the ground Beneath my feet If itís safe and sound [Bridge 2] When itís hard to find hope in the unseen I have peace in knowing it will find me (Chorus) [Verse 1, but short] You may think Iím just fine How could anything ever be out of line? (Chorus)
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