Francesca Battistelli – My Paper Heart chords

Tabbed by: Michelle

For Piano: C5 D#5 E5 F5 G5 G#5 A#5 x2For Guitar: C5
Verse 1
C5 A5Well I’ve been treated like a valentine
C5 A5That’s been ripped apart and left behind
Bb5I’m a fragile girl
C5In a crazy careless world
C5 A5My dreams were torn and scattered on the floor
C5 A5But You’ve been picking up the pieces, Lord
Bb5‘Cause Your love is real
C5The only hope to heal
A5My paper heart is Yours now
G5I have landed in Your hands
A5Come so far to find out
G5My life will never be the same
(Same) Since you wrote Your name (Same) On my paper heart Interlude (Same as the intro) Verse 2
C5 A5I had been so terrified to trust
C5 A5So many times I’d been reduced to dust
Bb5But You keep showing me
C5You’re the safest place to be
Chorus Bridge
C5 Bb5 A5Never knew that I could feel the way I feel
C5 Bb5 A5Never knew that there could be a love so real
C5 Bb5 A5 Bb5 C5 G5Never knew that I could feel the way I feel right now
Chorus Intro x4
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