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Frank Black – Big Red tab

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From: (FOUCART Adrien)
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 16:17:38 +0100
Subject: franck black : big red

                      BIG RED by FRANK BLACK
album Teenager Of The Year

the intro is something like this D C D C---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------7--5-5-5-----7--5-5-5----------------------------------------|--------7--5-5-5-----7--5-5-5----------------------------------------|-----7-----5-5-5-----7--5-5-5----------------------------------------|---5---------------5----3-3-3----------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
D C D C Have you heard about the big red ? They even bought a beebread rig To help the flowers in mean space They're trying to make that place green G F Hope the bees will take away the storm D C D C G F Hope the trees will take away the storm D C D C F D Don't know how this whole thing started Bb G There was a crowd and then we parted F D Don't know if i'll ever go back Bb G It's a long way across all of this black F Bb G D Here i am in my bucket today . In the middle (bis) They got a mule they call Sal Bulldozing up canal walls They're gonna tap that icecap too When they do they're gonna make that green map blue The weather is finally getting warm And the weather is finally getting warm Don't know how this whole thing started there was a cloud and then it parted Don't know if i'll ever go back That's how i felt when i left that tarmac etc
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