Frank Foster - Real Woman chords

This is the real chords, i saw him play it and it is right

Capo 3 
Intro- Em, G, D 
EM G DWell she aint your ordinary lady
EM G DShe's in love with a bad boy, but shes classy, like a brand new mercedes
EM G DShe fell for a rambler, but she aint ashamed
EM G Dya She took alot from me, but she still took my name
C G DAnd Ive got me a real woman
C G DShe got the the kind of love that'll have you down on your knees
EM G DA heart like hers it must be one of a kind
C D GYa shes my real woman, looks can kill, woman shes mine
EM G DWhen Your a heart breaking runner, sometimes life can blind ya
EM G Dya but that all changed with a long kiss out in carolina
EM G Dbut I stepped away I had to make me a plan
EM G Dbecause the love of a real woman deserves a damn good man
chorus Chorus End Chorus on Em to lead into Bridge
D CGCGNever had a better felling than havin her lying here next to me
D CGCGHeaven sent shes an angel and shes all I'll ever need
D CGCGNo more long and lonely nights, and no more left out in the cold
C D EMShes my real woman that surrounds me heart and soul
C D GYa Shes my real woman, looks can kill, woman shes mine
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