Frank Turner – Love Ire And Song tab

love ire and song  capo 3

verse - intro x2 then "But these days I sit at home......." Em, G, Bm, A, Em, G, Bm, A "And I've packed up all my pamphlets...." G, Em, G, A, D
into variation of intro:e-2--0h2---2--3p2---3----3--------|b-3----3---3----3---3----3---2----|g-2----2---2----2---0----0---2----|d-0----0---0----0---0----0---2----|a-------------------2--0h2---0----|e-------------------3----3------0-|
verse2 - intro bit again "But it was worse when we turned...." Em, G, Bm, A, Em, G, Bm, A "So I hung up my banners..." G, Em, G, A, G, A "Oh but once we were young....." D, A, Bm, G, Em, A, Em, A "Well we've been a good few hours...." Bm, A, G, D, Em, A, D "Because if it's still going..." Bm, A, G, D, Em, A, G, A "So Come on old friends...." "Lets divide up the world..." D, G, A x2 Em, G, A x2 "So Come on, lets be young...." D, A, Bm, G, Em, A, Em, A last verse is just repeating the intro
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