Frank Turner - Thatcher Fucked The Kids tab version 1

Frank Turner

Tabbed by Nick Taylor

With CAPO on 3


(E) Whatever happened to childhood 

We're all (A) scared of the kids in our neighbourhood

They're not (C#m) small, charming and harmless

They're a (F#) violent bunch of (A) bastard little (E) shits

  (E)        (A)

CHORUS B/A: x01202 We're all (Asus2) wondering how we (B/A) ended up so (F#m) scared You spent (Asus2) ten long years (B/A)teaching your kids not to (F#m) care And that there's no such thing as society (F#m) anyway And all the (A) rich folks act (E) suprised when their (A) sense of community (E) dies You just (A) close your eyes to the (E) other side of (F#m) all the things that she did (A) (B) Thatcher fucked the kids (E) BRIDGE (C#m) You've got a generation raised on the (G#) wellfare state (A) Enjoyed it's benefits and (E) did just great But as (F#m) soon as they were settled as the (C#m) richest of the rich They (A) kicked away the ladder told the rest of us that life's a (B) bitch
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