Frank Turner – 4 Simple Words chords

i've only managed to work out the first verse and chorus, i couldn't work out 
where it goes all punk rock! not fully correct but sounds about right! but here it is:

Strumming pattern for verse is a single down strum for each chord
CBecause we're all so very,
Etwenty first century,
Amyou're probably listening to me,
Don some form of portable stereo.
CMaybe you're sitting on the back of the bus,
E or it's running up your sleeve and you're across from your boss,
Amor you're sitting in your bedroom all alone,
Fmaj7with the lights down low (oh so low).
Same strumming pattern for bridge bridge:
Dmi'd like to teach you four simple words,
Gso the next time you come to a show,
Cyou can sing those words back at me,
Fmaj7like they're the only words that you know.
Strumming pattern for chorus is: D D U D U x2 per chord Chorus:
CI want to dance,
EI want to dance,
Am DI want lust and love and tattering our romance,
CBut i'm no good at dancing,
EAnd yeah i have to do something,
Am DTonight i'll play it straight, i wanna take my chance
CI want to dance
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