Frank Turner – I Am Disappeared chords ver. 3

I've tabbed this song because the existing ones aren't quite right
(v2 is the right basic chords but not spot on if you want it a bit more
advanced). This is also based on Frank performing this live solo acoustic.


The intro chords aren't actually full C chords if you look/listen closely.
They are as follows:

You have to mute the lowest 2 strings with your finger/thumb as you're strumming quite aggressively - the key also is the little finger fretting 3rd fret of highest string, you pretty much keep this on the whole song. When the verse opens up properly ("Amy worked in a bar...") you change to fuller chords:
Am7 Fadd9 Gsus4-3------3------3--|-1------1------1--|-0------0------0--|-2------3------0--|-0------0------x--|-x------x------3--|
After the last line of verse ("... she keeps having dreams") the Gsus4 goes to a normal G (3x0003) leading into chorus Chorus Chords are Fadd9, then Gsus4 to G, then C (x30213), back to Fadd9 The 2nd verse and chorus are the same, and then:
Dm Am C G5-x------0------3------3-|-3------1------1------3-|-2------2------0------0-|-3------2------2------0-|-0------0------3------x-|-x------x------3------3-|
These are kind of palm muted at first, and note the strange Dm chord. This does change to a more standard Dm (xx0231) as the progression picks up, look and listen at his live youtube acoustic versions. Also in these versions, towards the end he changes to another version of those Dm and Am chords:
Dm Am-0------0----|-6------0----|-7------5----|-0------7----|-0------0----|-x------x----|
That's pretty much it, doesn't seem like much tab there but it covers the whole song and there's no point over-complicating it - look on youtube there's a couple of vids of this solo acoustic which will mirror this tab.
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