Frank Turner – Ballad Of Me And My Friends chords ver. 2

Tuning: Standard
F#m DEverybody's got themselves a plan,
A EEverybody thinks they'll be the man, including the girls.
F#m DThe musicians who lack the friends to form a band are singer-songwriters,
A EThe rest of us are DJ's or official club photographers.
F#m DAnd tonight I'm playing another Nambucca show,
A ESo I'm going through my phonebook, texting everyone I know,
F#m DAnd I quite a few I don't, whose numbers found their way into my phone,
A E But they might come along anyway, you never really know.
A E F#mNone of this is going anywhere –
D EPretty soon we'll all be old,
A E F#mAnd no one left alive will really care
D EAbout our glory days, when we sold our souls.
E F#m DBut if you're all about the destination, then take a fucking flight.
E F#m DWe're going nowhere slowly, but we're seeing all the sights.
D A EAnd we're definitely going to hell,
A E F#m EBut we'll have all the best stories to tell.
D A EYes i'm definitely going to hell,
A E ABut i'll have all the best stories to tell.
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