Apathy chords with lyrics by Frankie Cosmos - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Frankie Cosmos – Apathy chords

Em G Bm C x4

Em G Bm C Em G Bm CLooking around at twenty-two
Em G Bm C Em G Bm CAnd so tired of myself around you
Am Bm Em G CMaybe I don’t fit your ideals anymore
Am Bm Em G COr maybe I just grew up into a bore
Em G Bm C Em G Bm CI knew that I shouldn’t call you
Em G Bm C Em G Bm CBut in this light we are all blue
Am Bm Em G CI just want to feel like I'm
Am Bm Em G CNeatly designed
Am EmLike a telephone pole
Bm CmI want to feel whole
Em G Bm C Em G Bm CDo you want to go on a date?
Em G Bm C Em G Bm COr would that be hard to orchestrate?
Am Bm Em G CWhen you close your dreamy eyes
Am Bm Em G CAre they even close to dreaming of mine?
Am Em Bm CmYou could take me and my apathy
G Cm GTurn us into clarity
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