Frankie Cosmos – Cafeteria chords


G Em D C
Em D C


G C GI am not the only one
G Em CLiving in delusion
G C G Em D CI go to the cafeteria
Em D GCafeteria
[Interlude] D A G D A G [Bridge]
DSuddenly I noticed
A GThat you weren’t touching me
D A GBut sometimes I am weird and wrong
D A GSometimes I am weird and wrong
G C GSo late at night
G Em CWe eat the leftover rice
G C GIt was dark and empty
Em D CNo one sees me
Em D GNo one sees me
G C GBut I won’t get married
G Em CNot at the party
Em D GNot at the party
GI wasn’t built for this world
GI had sex once, now I’m dead
BmAnd I never look back
AmIt only hurts my head
GI know I listen to a lot
GI think about it all the time
BmOkay sometimes I look
AmBut only for a sec
G C GI will never be touched
G Em CNever get fucked
G C G Em D CAnd I wonder what makes me so wrong
Em D GWhat makes me so wrong
[Interlude] D A G D A G [Outro]
D A GI never felt like the one
D A GNever felt like the one
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