Frankie Cosmos – Drinks chords

G    Em
[Verse 1]
D A Emif you wanna survive the night
Dyou need a lot of purple light
A Emcause you'll be here all alone with me
D A Emand you really don't wanna be --
[Verse 2]
D A Emif you want to get through the year
Dyou'll need a million bubbling beers
A Emand i'll watch you gulp down the yellow
D A Emand you'll look down and i'd say hello --
[Verse 3]
D A Emif you have to spend the day with me
Dpick your (?) on the whiskey
A Emin case i have a lot to say
D A Emi'll talk and talk the whole grand day --
[Verse 4]
G Emand now it's time to sleep together
G Emwe haven't done that in forever
G Emit makes everything else better
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