Franklin Aretha – I Never Loved A Man tab

Intro [9/8 notated as 3/4]:

	Wurlitzer electric piano [4X; bass enters 3rd; continue into vers]

F F7/A Bb v v v -----------------1-| -1---------4---3---| -2---------5-3-----| -3---------3-------| -----------0-1-----| -1-----------------|
Verse 1: You're no good heartbreaker You're a liar and you're a cheat I don't know why C I let you do these things to me My friends keep tellin' me That you ain't no good Oh, Lord, but they don't know That I'd leave you if I could Chorus 1: C7 I guess I'm uptight And I'm stuck like glue F C [N.C.] 'Cause I ain't never, I ain't never, I ain't never, no, no F [1: as per intro] Loved a man the way that I - I love you Verse 2: Some time ago I thought You had run out of fools But I was so wrong You got one that you'll never lose The way you treat me is a shame How could you hurt me so bad Baby, you know that I'm the best thing That you ever had Chorus 2: Kiss me once again Don't you never, never say that we're through 'Cause I ain't never - no! - never, no, no Loved a man the way that I - I love you Bridge: Bb7 I can't sleep at night And I can't eat a bite F7 I guess I'll never be free C7 Since you got your hooks on me Bb Ab Oh, oh, oh yeah yeah Coda: F [continue as per intro] I ain't never loved a man I ain't never loved a man Ain't never had a man that hurt me so bad No - but this is just what I'm gonna do I tell you I'm gonna hold on to him And I'm gonna ho-o-old on to him [fade] -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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