Firefly chords with lyrics by Frantic Jack - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Frantic Jack – Firefly chords

(A) (E) (Gb) (D)Take a deep breath and never look down
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)You know you step to the edge and curl your toes round
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)Oh baby the wind blows the shield off of your darkness and light
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)Yeah your lungs squeeze the air as every muscle grows tight
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)With a rush of warm blood and every sun ray ignites
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)As you wait to set flight and everybody delights
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)So you keep your hands open and swallow your pride
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)Oh, you set sail through the ocean, where heavens unite
(Gb) (A) (E)Cause your not, no you’re not, like the rest of your kind
(Gb) (A) (E)You believe, you achieve and then….
(A) (E)You spark like a Firefly
(Gb) (D)Soaring down through the air
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)Lighting up darkest times for everybody who’s there
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)Well you don’t need to speak, to see what it’s all about
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)You’re the entrance of the day, showing us the way out
(2nd verse same as 1st) (Pre chorus) (Chorus)
(A) (E)So you keep your hands open
(Gb) (D)Keep your hands open
(A) (E) (Gb) (D)Keep your hands open, it will be alright
(A) (E)If you just keep your hands open
(Gb) (D)Keep your hands open
(A) (E)Keep your hands open
(Gb) (D) (E)It will be alright
(Chorus) You spark like a firefly (x5)
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