Franz Ferdinand – Katherine Kiss Me tab

The album version may be different but this is what they're playing live at the moment


Gme|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-0-3-0---0-0-----| x4D|-------3---------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
VERSE Gm Em Kiss me..... flick your eyes at mine so freely x2 C D N.C Yes i love i mean i need to get to know you Gm C Gm C Do you ever wonder? no no CHORUS Gm No you girls you'll never know oh no you girls'll never know Gm C A# Gm oh you girls you'll never know how you make a boy feel C A# How you make a boy MAIN RIFF VERSE CHORUS INTERLUDE Em F#m Bm Sometimes i say a stupid thing well i think, well i mean i C Gm Some times think stupid things Gm C Gm C Gm Because i never wonder how the girl feels how the girl feels CHORUS (different lyrics) Oh you boys'll never care, you dirty boys'll nevr care Oh you boys'll never care how the girls feels End with INTRO sorry i dont have the verse lyrics but there arnt any audible recordings
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