Franz Ferdinand – Turn It On tab

Turn It On - Franz Ferdinand

This is one of their new songs and im just doing the live version. The album
version (when it comes out) will probably be different


INTRO (this is played on a keyboard)

MAIN KEYBOOARD RIFF (this is played over the top of the INTRO)
CHORUS Cm D# F I know you turn it on yeah X4 The order in which to play them is: INTRO x11 (roughly. note that the singing comes in on the 4th time) MAIN RIFF x12 CHORUS SOLO (just the MAIN RIFF x8) BASS SOLO (i'll leave that for the bassists to work out. I think it's quite similar to INTRO) CHORUS OUTRO (played as single notes until the 'im a lover' it) Cm G# F Cm G# F You know i know where you are You know i know where you are Cm D# F Cm You know that im a lover D# F Cm D# F Cm I cant stop thinking of you if i cant have you nobody can D# F Cm D# F Cm Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (single notes again) D# D C You turn it on, you turn it on x4
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