Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses tab

Ulysses - Franz Ferdinand (hopefully on third album)

Well i see a sudden amount of footsteps then a voice said hi so

So what you got what you got this time, come on lets get high

Come on lets go what you got next door walk 25 miles oh

im bored im bored come on lets get high

Am F e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-5-3-2-0--3-2-0-5---5-3-2-0--3-2-0-5--5-3-2-0---3-2-0-5--5-3-2-0-3-2-0-5---|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Dm Em F Ge|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-5-3-2-0-3-2-0-5-5-3-2-0-3-2-0-5-5-3-2-0-3-2-0-5-5-3-2-0--3-2-0-5----------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Dm C I found a new way i found a new way no dont amuse me i dont need your sympathy Dm C Laa la la la la ulysses i found a new way i found a new way baby
Dm A#e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--5-3-2-0-3-2-0-5-5-3-2-0-3-2-0-5-5-3-2-0-3-2-0-5-3-2-0-5------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Dm A# my ulysses, my ulysses no but you want now boy so sinister so sinister last night was wild Dm A# what the matter then feeling kinda ancious let hot blood grow cold yeh everyone everybody knows it A yeah everyone everybody knows that Dm C Laa la la la laa ulysses i found a new way i found a new way baby x2 Bdim F Then suddenly you know youre never goin home G7 youre never youre never youre never youre never goin home Dm B C Because ulysses baby x6 Dm (let ring out) not sure about lyrics but rest is very accurate
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