Freak Kitchen – Breathe tab

This is the basic riff used in Breathe by Freak Kitchen. I will update with the solo
i have figured it out...thank you.

tuning: Starting lowest (pitched) string - Eb - Ab - Eb - Ab - C - Eb
(yes i know the tuning is wierd)

Tip: just make a little shape with one finger and the top string and the other on the
string, you can then just slide up and down the neck keeping that same shape except when u
the ninth fret on the top string in which case u have to move your finger on the fourth 
understand? sorry if ive made it sound hard...

Eb ¦---------------------------------------------------------------¦
C  ¦---------------0------------0-------------0-------------0------¦
Ab ¦-----------------4-------------6--------------7------------6---¦
Eb ¦-----------0-------------0-------------0-------------0---------¦
Ab ¦---------------------------------------------------------------¦
Eb ¦--------5-------------7-------------9-------------7------------¦ x(alot)

i shall update soon
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