Fred Eaglesmith – Alcohol And Pills tab

              Alcohol and Pills by Fred Eaglesmith
chords used:

Am                  F                                 G
Hank Williams, he came up from Montgommery with his heart full of broken 
country songs.

(chords same throuhout the couplets)

Nashville and Tennessee didn't really understand him, because he did things 
differently from the way that they were done.
When he finaly made it to the Grand ol' Ophry, he made it all stand still, he 
ended up on alcohol and pills.

Elvis Presley, he came up from Jackson with that brandnew way of singin' and a 
brand new way of dancin.
even from the waist up, lord, he gave the world a thrill because he enden up on alcohol and pills.

C                   G                       G          
alcohol and pills, its a cryin shame, you think they might have been happy 
with the glory and the fame,
C                                     G                              G 
but fame doesn't take away the pain, it just pays the bills so they wind up
on alcohol and pills.

Janis Joplin, she was wild and reckless and then there was Graham Parson, lord, 
and there was Jimi Hendrix. 
the story just goes on and on and I guess it allways will, they all wind up on alcohol and pills

rep. refr.

C                                    G                               
sometimes somebody dont wake up one day, sometimes it's a heartatack 
      Am                                  Am                         
sometimes they just don't say. but they found poor old Hank williams dead 
         F                          G                        Am
in his Caddilack Coupe Deville, he wound up on alcohol and pills.

rep refr.

enjoy yourselfs!!
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