Fred Smith – Derapet chords

Dm CYou're looking hungry cobber, here plant your arse down mate
Am Gwould you like some mashed potatoes with that burger on your plate?
F Cit's been another long shift here at the Cooper Pedy mess
Bb Dmbut if you've got a minute I’ve got something on my chest
Dm CThe 24th of August back in 20 10
Am GI was working out of Tarin Kowt with a squad of 20 men
F Cthe Dutch had pulled the pin leaving Uruzgan for good
Bb Dmit fell to us to fill the void to the west in Deh Rawud
Dm CIt had been a lethal summer starting back in June
Am GWe’d lost Smithy, Snowy, Palmer, Aplin, Chucky and then Bewes
F CAugust took down Jason Brown then Kirbs and Thomas Dale
Bb DmOn the morning of their service, we set out on Route Whale
Dm CI was carrying the Maximi a thumping belt fed gun
Am GWith an action like a jackhammer, the weapon weighed a tonne
F CWe drove south of the Tangi to an RV where we met
Bb Dmwith two brick of boys from Anur Joy and we turned for Derapet
Dm CLance Jack McKinney - the boys all called him ‘Crash’
Am Ghe was the fastest bastard we all knew for distance or for dash
F Ca soldier's bloody soldier and the fittest man I’ve met
Bb DmI was proud to walk beside him on approach to Derapet
Dm C60 clicks out in the sticks to the west of Tarin Kowt
Am Gthe sappers saw the FAMS move in and the women all clear out
F Ca TIC was what we wanted, a TIC was what we’d get
Bb Dmit was only a matter of when and where in the fields of Derapet
Dm CMe and Crash were partnered in reserve back at the rear
Am Galthough we weren't at point that day I felt and smelt the fear
F CThe boys kept probing forward through the aqueduct and sluice
Bb DmTill from a nearby tree line I could see all hell break loose
Dm CThey’d had hit a complex ambush of about a 100 men
Am Gthe chattering of AKs and the thud of PKMs
F Cthe rounds were whistling around em but we couldn't tell where from
Bb DmCause the Talibs had concealment from the tree line and the corn
Dm CA call came on the ICOM to come forward from the back
Am Gthey needed my machine gun at the front of the attack
F Cso me and Crash we hoofed it as the rounds around us cracked
Bb Dmrunning with that weapon and my armour and my pack
Dm CWe’d come 600m through the muddy aquaduct
Am Gby the time we reached the front line, frankly I was fucked
F Cmy mind said just said keep going but my body just said nope
Bb Dmand I collapsed back on my pack at the bottom of the slope
Dm CCrash grabbed my Maximi and hauled it up to the crest
Am Gthat's why he was where he was when the round burst through his chest
F CI looked up in that instant and I never will forget
Bb DmAs he spun around and crashed facedown in the dust of Derapet
Dm CWooly called for dust off we were too far from the cars
Am GWe worked on Crash for an hour taking turns on CPR
F Cthe chopper came and medevac’d him back in to TK
Bb DmWhere the Doctor at the Role 2 declared him DOA
Dm CMeanwhile, Keighran broke cover dancing dangerous and strange
Am GA hundred Talib muzzles flashed untill the Aslav's found their range
F CBetween those Guncars the Apache and the M777
Bb DmMany Talibs became martyrs with their virgins up in heaven
Dm Cthe battle soon was over they had lost their will fight
Am Gthey left their dead and dying they’d pick em up that night
F Gwe walked back to the Aslavs and crawled into the FOB
Bb DmI remember sitting quietly with Langer, Sean and Rob
Dm CFanners ran the section through an after action brief
Am GI tuned in though exhausted I was numb with shame and grief
F CThe BDA said by the way there’s 30 of them dead
Bb Dmand so they say we won the day and the Battle of Derapet.
Dm C Am G F C Bb Dm
Dm CBeckie’s waters broke at the crematorium
Am GJust a few hours later, she gave birth to their son
F Cthe boys help out with mowing and she got some compo cash
Bb DmHelps pay the bills but it wont fill the hole where once was Crash
Dm CLangers won selection, Daniel Keighran got a gong
Am GAbbott won the election, and Fred Smith got his song
F Cthose who get their accolades deserve all they get
Bb Dmbut Crash did not deserve to die at the Battle of Derapet
Dm CI came back to Brisbane and got out on civvie street
Am GNow I’m working in this mine, mate, in this mess we're miners eat
F CI married now with children to a woman named regret
Bb Dmthe price you pay for a summers day in the fields of Derapet
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