Fred – Skyscrapers tab

Go God Go


Intro:--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|-12----10----10--12---------12----10--12----------|----12----12-------------------12-----------------|--------------------10----------------------------|--------------------------------------------------| x3
Chords: G I only knew you when you're running away from Bb Something that we'd written on a skyscraper wall C The Community Centre has opened it's doors to us G Where you gonna be when the masonry falls? G Hangin' from the window just to see can you hold me Bb Jumping from a roof just to proove I'm a plane! C If you run will this be the shining light that you sold me? G I hear you calling but you don't know my name! G G So we crash G G To the night G G G G And these tired eyes should be a sign G G But then you've got your lightbulbs (Intro Riff) And I've got time! Second verse: (Same Chords as first) So here's to hiding on the back of a ship at Night, One thousand miles from us blocking a view Well the stars they believe that they wanna be like me I guess that figures cos they couldn't be you! Now we're just waiting here from something to open It's not so crushing by the light of the moon Once again I'm enthralled by your staggering genius And marvel at your humming when you don't know the tune! So we crash To the night And these tired eyes should be a sign But then you've got your lightbulbs And I've got time! Can't stop following these (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah).....
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