Going Down tab with lyrics by Freddie King - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Freddie King – Going Down tab

			     Going Down - Freddie King
Tabbed by: Joe a.k.a The Young Page
Email: bustamoves@swbell.net

Tuning: Standard

The chords are:

D C A F Ge|-5---3---5---1---3-------------------------------------------------------|B|-7---5---5---1---3-------------------------------------------------------|G|-7---5---6---2---4-------------------------------------------------------|D|-7---5---7---3---5-------------------------------------------------------|A|-5---3-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-5---3-------------------------------------------------------------------|
D D D D D D D C A F D D I'm Going down, I'm goin down down down down down D G G G G D C A F D D I'm Going down, I'm goin down down down down down D A A A D C A F D I got my big feet in the window, and my head on the ground ^^EVERY VERSE IS LIKE THAT ONE^^ (LISTEN TO THE SONG FOR THE STRUMMING) THE SOLO IS IN THE D MINOR PENTATONIC SCALE, I USUALLY JUST AD LIB IT.
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