Free - Ride On A Pony tab

Artist: Free
Song: Ride On A Pony
Album: Highway

Tuning: EADGBe (Standard)

Pre-Chorus: E A I'm gonna steal you baby away with me E I want to love you A Because you see Chorus: Guitar 1 E B I am riding on a pony D A In the middle of the night E B I'm gonna be there in the morning D A And I hope that it's all right
Guitar 2 **E-----------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------5-5------|G--9------9---------------7-----7----------4h6-4------|D--9------9h11p9-------9--7-----7h9p7------------6-4--|A--7-9/11--------11--7-9--5-7/9-------9--7------------|E--------------------9-7-----------------9------------|
**It sounds like a third guitar plays this fill, but it can be easily incorporated in second guitar part. Solo Rhythm: E (x4 measures) B (x2 measures) A (hold chord for 2 measures) E B D A E B D A E B D A E B D A All chords are barred, as opposed to open.
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