Freundeskreis – Mit Dir tab

Artist: Freundeskreis
Title: Mit dir
Album: Esperanto
Tabbed by Akyo

Pattern 1 is played in the Verses by Max Herre, Pattern 2
in those of Joy Denalane and they alter in the chorus.
Pattern 2 is just up one tone, so to play it you can also 
just stick a capo on the 2. fret

Tuning: Standard

Pattern 1:

|-----0--------0------0--------0----||------0---------------0------0-----||---4--------4------4-------4-------||-2--------0------------------------| |-----------------4--------0--------||-----------------------------------|
Pattern 2:
|-----------------------------------||-----7-------7----7------7---------||---6--6-----6----6-6----6-6--------||-4---------------------------------| |----------7-----6------------------||----------------------7------------|
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