Friska Viljor – On And On chords

Friska Viljor - On and On

Instead of the original Vers-sound (a-f, a-f, a-f, a-f, a#-f, a#-f, c-e..) which you can play on keyboard or on an mandoline like in the origin,
I used guitar chords but it's stil the right tune. --> Chords Used: F, A#, C, Dm (F) (F)
A# C F FOn and on and on and on,
A# C F Fwe've been doing this too long.
A# C F FIt's time to find another way;
A# C F Fit doesn't matter what you say.
--- 2x A#,C,F,F ---
A# C F FOn and on and on and on,
A# C F FI wish that this would soon be gone.
A# C F FAnother Sunday comes along;
A# C I have to find out what is wrong!
A# A# C CYou would feel much better if you left this life alone, I know you've
F F A# Cgot up and hung the phone up. Don't do this to yourself.
A# A# C CDon't be scared to take a step into the dark unknown.
F F F F F FAre you ready to grow up? Let's get ready to grow u-up!
F F A# C FYou're on your own for a while.
F A# C DmYou'll decide, for yourself,
Dm C C A#what you want - no-one else -
A# C C F Fyou'll be free to live again.
--- 2x A#,C,F,F --- On and on and on and on. The time for brand new things has come. It doesn't matter what you say, I'm gonna leave you anyway. You will feel much better now that everything is gone, you're-gonna, feel free to be yourself and you'll be much happier. Don't be scared of loneliness it's what you have embraced. When you liked it with someone, when you've spent your time alo-one You're on your own for a while. You'll decide, for yourself, what you want - no-one else - you'll be free to live again. You're not alone We'll be here. Solid stones, by your side. Put your feet on our backs, where you know we'll carry you ~ carry you. We will carry you. Carry you. We will carry you.
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