Idle Songs chords with lyrics by Frog Eyes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Frog Eyes – Idle Songs chords

[Verse 1]

BbOh, the Roman ambassador was torn a, torn apart by plaster
DmAnd reassembled after:
Gm DmThe 40, 40 years of bombing:
Gm DmThey were wild and they were crying,
EbIn the picture where the smoke cleared
FThey'll tear your body, body from your beard
F# FAnd watch as the planes burn the boats from the isle
[Verse 2]
BbA board is a board when the pulpit, pulpit meets the sword
DmAnd the poet has been bored
Gm DmHe's seen Fire and he's seen Pain
Gm DmOh the tedium has stained,
EbO Vergil, get your rake out
FThere's a pastor to be pulled
F# FAnd 60 miles west of Rome: "I stopped some dreadful hoard."
[Verse 3]
BbAnd I know I know I, la-la-la-la-la,
DmAnd I will let my body go, hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo
Gm DmAnd when it goes and then it stinks
Gm DmThere will be beauty in its stink
EbAnd the last rays of the fink
FWill suppose themselves to shine
F# F Upon the corpse of Stinking Gold
DmThat has fallen oh into brine, ine, ine, ine, oh
Bb Dm Bb Dm Idle song, Oh, oh Idle song dadado
Bb Dm Bb Dm Idle song, hoo-hoo-hoo Idle song dada
Bb Dm Bb Dm Idle song, Idle song dadado
Bb Dm Bb Idle song, hoo-hoo-hoo Idle song
[Outro] Dm Bb x8
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