Fruit Bats – It Must Be Love tab

E  A  D  A

round and round and here we go again,
u say u want to be more than just my friend
but baybe that’s not just up to you
for something like that it takes two

u take a hold of my hand in front of
everybody to make it look like we’re in love
but once again that’s not for u to decide
u gotta wait to see if I want u by my side

D  A  E  A

sometimes its seems uve looked forever never finding the one uve been dreamin of
but when u find that special person u’ll know in ur heart that it must be love

E  A  D  A

today I realized that ur the one for me
u don’t know how I feel cuz its not easy to see
but I’ll make u wait until u figure out
that ur the one that I spend my days thinking about

lately we don’t talk, we just smile
at eachother while my heart beats faster all the while
sometimes u’d swear that we were in love
but that’s because ur the one ive been dreamin of

D  A  E  A

sometimes it seems ive looked forever never finding the one ive been dreamin of
but now ive found that special person and I know in my heart it
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