Fruit Bats – Singing Joy To The World chords

The Key Eric Johnson seems to play it in....i think? 

Well  he got
G AmLonely every time a canteen of lights came up
C G Gsus - GOn the Indian Casino Queen Cus he’d loved her from the time she’d been the
Am C Dwaitress at the Mexican place where he’d left his keys
Am GShe’d been there smile’n at the lost and found
C /b Am Bm (Bm Bbm Am)Then he took her to see three dog night they were playin’ at the fairgrounds
Am G Gsus GHoldin’ hands singin “Joy to the World”
G D CShe was way too young
G D Em But he did not care
A C He was alright with cashin’ in
A C C(fade) A few fine moments before his broken heart kicked in
[Riff] G-Gsus-G (fade) Well he
G Amdied a little bit each time the night came in
C G Gsus GAnd the stars fell over Michigan Cus he’d loved her at the ball when he saw her
Am C Ddancing to “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man”
Am GThen he’d come over to his usual spot
C Em Bm (Bm Bbm Am)Soon they were makin’ out at three AM in the empty parking lot
Am G Gsus GThey lay together under the burnt out stars
G D CShe never loved him back
G D Em It wasn’t even close
A C But he was fine with just pretend
A C that it was never gonna end
A C and it was worth it just to know
A C A little warmth before the snow
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