Normal People chords with lyrics by Fucked Up - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fucked Up – Normal People chords


AmI see guys at night drinking in bars
Talking to girls and driving cars
CThey heard about this place from a magazine
One of their best friends has been
FThey all laugh and joke like there’s nothing wrong
Dm CLike they are right where they belong
Am She met a guy, they went on a date
She liked him, but it was getting late
C He called again, but she let it ring
She needs a little more time to think
F She reads the paper on the train
Dm A guy stares the entire way
C F C [Verse]
Am He got a job right out of school
His place is small, but it has a pool
C It’s just a couple of stops away
He feels a sadness that he can’t explain
F It’s hard for him to have fun
Dm His mother died when he was young
CYesterday I had a life (I had a life)
I had a home (I had a home)
CI wore a smile (I wore a smile)
To sell my soul (to sell my soul)
AmMy tie was blue (my tie was blue)
And my shirt was white (my shirt was white)
AmSo why can’t I figure out
How to feel alright?
FI know this could be mine again
DmIf you would just tell me what I need to change
[Solo] Am Am C C 2x F D [Bridge]
CI’ve seen enough (I've seen enough)
I’ll never go back (I'll never go back)
CI’ll never get my life (get my life)
Back on track (back on track)
AmThey all say so much (say so much)
But say nothing at all (nothing at all)
AmThe world is so big and I feel so fucking small
FAnd then I think to myself and sigh
DmHow can you really give up
When you never tried? [Verse]
AmOne day I called in sick, but I was right outside
I just sat down on a bench and cried
CI saw this child playing in the street
His whole life right there under his feet
FI knew that what you do, that’s all there is
DmBut then I went upstairs and sat down at my desk
[Interlude] C 4x
CI don’t fit in, but I don’t feel bad
CYou can’t miss a feeling that you never had
CI know it’s a sham, but it seemed so real
CAnd what I had to be, isn’t who I am
You see
CThe man I see (man I see)
He would never dream (never dream)
CI just took the life (took the life)
They handed me (handed me)
AmI remember this like it was (like it was)
Yesterday (yesterday)
AmEven though it now seems (now it seems)
So far away (far away)
FI’ve learned much more than he’ll ever know
DmSo what do we do now, and where do we go?
[Outro] C F C F 4x
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