Fugazi – Reclamation tab

Steady Diet of Nothing

This is always a fun song for me to play. It's slow, but fast, if you catch my drift.
It's in standard tuning: EADGBe

The guitar is mainly rhythm, however, during the verses, there are harmonics found on
B string.
If you don't know how to make a harmonic, you basically put your finger over a fret, DO
PRESS DOWN, but release once you have hit the string.

Last Chorus (Ian plays a little differently, and if you know your octives, I suggest you look at the chord progression I give, as well as this note: if you know what an octive is and I just give you the chord name, you'll need to go to the 12th fret area and find octive there.) Chord Progression: A to G# to A to B to C# to D(do a hammer on and pull off for both C# to D) to A to G# That would repeat during the chorus. After that, it's a verse again, but this time the rhythm guitar will do an E chord. if you have a wammy on your guitar, it would make it sound similar to the song itself. If you have any requests for me to put up any songs by Fugazi, please ask me in my spikyhello@aol.com. YOU MUST PUT THE NAME OF THE SONG IN THE SUBJECT BAR! My name is Jeremy also wrote the Little Debbie Chords here). Thanks!
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