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Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 20:26:23 PDT
From: Robert Fernandez 
Subject: f/fugazi/bed_for_the_scraping.tab

Artist : Fugazi
Album : Red Medicine
Song : Bed for the Scraping

transcribed by : Robert Fernandez (re_ferna@ece.concordia.ca)
		9:47 PM 06/05/98

Intro: "i'm sick with this...."

e-------------------------------|B-------------------------------|G-------------------------------| (bass)D----5-3-0-3-3-0----------------|A----------------3-3-3-0--------|E--3----------------------------|
| |
e-------------------------------|B-------------------------------|G-------------------------------| (guitar)D----5b6-3-0-3-3-0--------------|A--------------------3-4-5p0----|E--3----------------------------|
AFTER "i don't want to be defeated...." play :e--8-9-10------8-8----|---------------------------|B---------8-11-----11-|--8----8-----11b13r11-8----|G---------------------|----10---10-------------10-|D---------------------|---------------------------|A---------------------|---------------------------|E---------------------|---------------------------|
"this is the point...."e--------6b7r6-p0---|--8b9r8-6h8p6---|B--8-----6b7r6-p0---|--------------8-|G----6-7------------|----------------|D-------------------|----------------|A-------------------|----------------|E-------------------|----------------|
chorus : (chords) "what else is there to do...." A C A D outro : (chords) "but go outside look around...." G (muted) "look around...." G G# F G# G
chords used : A C D G G# Fe--------x--3---4---1---------|B--2--1--3--3---4---1---------|G--2--0--2--4---5---2---------|D--2--2-----5---6---3---------|A--0--3-----5---6---3---------|E-----------3---4---1---------|
bed for the scraping, by Fugazi i'm sick eith this i'm sick eith this situations avoided or just missed? my own sweet time says its twenty-four hardly reconized simple things anymore i don't want to be defeated i don't want to be defeated i don't want to be defeated i don't want to be defeated this is the point this is the manifest bed for the scraping dirty little secret reason for the gathering consequence what else is there to do but go outside look around look around /**************************************** please direct comments/corrections to: * re_ferna@ece.concordia.ca * Robert Fernandez * *
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