Fugees – Mista Mista tab

Mista mista - The Fugees
transcription par Bdav (bedot@hotmail.com)

couplet Em Em/D# Em/D C#m/EE-----0--------0-----------0------------------0-------0-------0------0----|B-----0--------0-----------0------0-----------0-------0-------0------0----|G---0---0----0----0-----0----0----0---------0---0---0---0---0---0--0---0--|D----------2--------2-1-------------1--2--0------0---------------2--------|A------------------------------2--------------------------4---------------|e-0-----------------------------------------------------------------------| Mista mista Can I get five dollars So I can get something to eat
etc... Em Mista mista Em/D# Can I get five dollars Em/D C#m/E So I can get something to eat Em Hell no motherfucka Em/D# You canÂ’t get no money from me Em/D Cause everytime I give you a dollar C#m You go get shot up with more and more needles And you tell me that Em Em/D# youÂ’re drug free Em/D C#m/E Drug free Em Mista mista Em/D# I havenÂ’t ate anything for a week Em/D C#m/E Can I get a quarter? Em Hell no motherfucka Em/D# What can a quarter get you? Em/D Nothing motherfucka C#m/E You are just fucked up C#m/E Off them fucked up drugs C#m/E You know you need to leave alone C#m/E But you keep telling me that Em youÂ’re drug free Em/D# Motherfucka Em/D C#m/E You ainÂ’t drug free, youÂ’re a fiend Am D And everytime I try to help you G C You pretend as if itÂ’s okay C Then later on in the week C B7 You go back to shootinÂ’ needles, to sniffinÂ’ B7 Oh my love my god but you told me you were Em drug free Em/D# Drug free Em/D You ainÂ’t drug free motherfucka C#m/E Em So you damn well, canÂ’t get no motherfuckin money for me ee e
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