Fun Lovin Criminals - The Scooby Snacks tab

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From Fri May 16 08:15:42 1997
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 18:57:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: TAB: The Scooby Snacks by: The Fun Lovin` Criminals

band: The Fun Lovin' Criminals
song: The Scooby Snacks
album: Come Find yourself

/ = slide

this is a very easy song if you can keep the time well.... here it is

chourus/intro (obviousily these aren't the timings just the chords) D A C G 6:--------5----------3-------------------------------------5:--5----7-----3----5-------------------------------------4:--6----7-----5----5-------------------------------------3:--6----6-----5----4-------------------------------------2:--6----5-----5----3-------------------------------------1:-------5-----------3-----------------------------------
verse (use a little vibrato and it sounds cool you HAVE to get the timmings right for this part of th song pause after the D
6:---------------------------------------------------5:--5-----/-------8------7-------------------------4:--7-----/--- 10------9--------------------------3:--7-----/---- 10------9-------------------------2:--7-----/-----10------9-------------------------1:----------------------------------------------------
for the bassists this song basically follows the guitar in the chorus buit just plays the note not the chord
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