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Funeral For A Friend – The Distance chords

Funeral For A Friend
The Distance
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Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Cm - x35543
Eb - x68886
G# - 466544
Bb - x13331
Gm - 355333

Intro: Cm  Cm Eb Cm Bb Cm Bb  

Verse 1:
Cm Days in motion
From the west coasts to the ocean
Eb Cm Bb CmMainline to the sunset
BbAs we're sitting in the van
Cm We're heading out to mainland
Age is nothing but a
Ebnumber The difference in
Bb Cm Bbexperience that we relate
G# Bb Well the distance from
Cmwhere the heart lies
BbBetween the words and
G# Bbsometimes It's a meaning
Cmto interpret and relate
G# Bb Cm And a moment in explosions
Bb G#like looking out the window
BbAs we're passing by the
Gmplaces out of state
Verse 2: Cm
A conversationEnding in frustration
Eb Cm BbI never saw the faces
BbBefore it was too
Cmlate well Indecision
Is better than compliance
Eb Cm Bb CmQuestioning the motives
BbBefore it turns to hate
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
G# Bb A seconds chance
Cm Bbto get things right
G# Bb Transition between
Gmthe dark and the light
Interlude: Cm Cm Eb Verse 3:
CmComing home to
Bb Cmthe same things
BbLeaves me wanting more
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: Cm(hold)
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