Funeral Party – Giant chords

This is one of my first tabs and its kinda a hard song(for me anyway) 
so dont hate if its a little inaccurate. 
Instead give suggestions on how i can make it better. 
Im always open to them! Thanks =] 
Plus I only have an acoustic, so it may sound different on electric. 
Feel free to experiment with this to make it better! COMMENT!!

Giant- Funeral Party, The Golden Age of Nowhere
Tuning: Standard

Intro: ([E G, E G] [C A, C A])2x 
C, E, A - C, A, E

Tab for lines 1-4, 14-21:D chord e|-2----2--------2~----------------|B|--3~-----3-------3~--------------|G|-----------2~--------------------|(2x,4x) it helps to listen to the song to get the vibratos right
Scattered in the lights The glowing halos in the center of your eyes Jump off holding hands
C A Making the memories as we take our first glance
C E at the falling sky
Exploding colors
C Esynchronized
Ain a stream of light
CAnd watch them glow
AAnd believe
C G A EThere's still hope for us to see
C AIn soaring stars and shooting skies
C G E AA taste of life you've never tried
E, G (12x) Stand up in the night Floating visions in the middle of your mind Drum lines on parade We run in circles make the nights turn into days Cross over and under We're shouting like thunder and Stay youthful forever and take that chance
Clike its our last time
E Gand capture what we find
Cno memories fog our minds
E Gwe left it all behind
A G C to find what we would need to leave this place
A G Cthe possibilities to live in endless ways
A G Cwe'll watch the fire glowing in a dim blue light
A G Cthe knowledge that we're learning only makes it right
CAnd watch them glow
Eand believe
C G A EThere's still hope for us to see
C EIn soaring stars and shooting skies
C G A EA taste of life you've never tried
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