Fury In The Slaughterhouse – Wont Forget These Days tab

Artist:	Fury in the Slaughterhouse
Title:	Won?t forget these Days
Album:	Jau!
Tab by:	Marek G. (Kreutzfeld69@hotmail.com)

Chords:e-0---3-------------------1-------------------3----3------3---5---|H-1---1-------------------1-------------------3----3------1---5---|G-2---0---9---7---5---4---2-------5-----------0----2------2---5---|D-2---2---x---x---x---x---3---3---5---5---7---0----0------2---7---|A-0---3---7---5---3---2---3---3---3---5---5---2----0------0---7---|E-------------------------1---1-------3---5---3----3----------5---| Am C E8 D8 C8 H8 F F5 C5 G5 D5 G Dsus4/G Am7 AmII
Intro:e--0--0--0---0-3-------------------------|Hxx1--1--1---1-1-------------------------|Gxx2--2--2---2-0---9--9-7--7-5--5-4--4---|Dxx2--2--2---2-2---x--x-x--x-x--x-x--x---|Axx0--0--0---0-3---7--7-5--5-3--3-2--2---|E----------3-----------------------------| Am / \ C E8 D8 C8 H8 | | This additional G is also played in the Verses!
Verses: Am (add.G) C F F x times Am (add.G) C E8 D8 C8 H8 last time Chorus 1: F5 C5 G5 D5 w/PalmMute F C G G(Bass goes to high D) Chorus 2: F C G Dsus4/G F C G G F C G Dsus4/G F C Am Am7
Bridge:e-------0--------------3--------------0--------------5--------\- |H----------1--------------1--------------1---------------------- |G-----2------2-------2--------------2-------------------5------- |D---2----------2---2--------2-0---2----------------7------7----- | >4 timesA-0--------------0--------------0----------3-0---7----------7--- |E----------------------------------------------5---------------- | Am Am7 Am AmII
then: F C G G 4 times Chorus 3: F C G Dsus4/G F C G G F C G Dsus4/G F C E8 D8 C8 H8 Outro: F C G G 3 times F C G(end) last time
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