Future Leaders Of The World - Killpop tab

 h = hammer
(0)= Optional, depending on your strings and tuning it can 
     either 2 or 0 on the E string
 x = plam muted
 ~ = let ring
 / = slide (the more / the slower the silde)          

Start (x1)e|-------------------------------|b|-------------------------------|g|-------------------------------|d|-xxxxx--------2----------------| a|-xxxxx-----------1h2h3-3-2-1---|E|-xxxxx--2(0)-------------------|
Start2 (x2) e|------------------------|-------------------------|b|------------------------|-------------------------|g|------------------------|-------------------------|d|--------2---------------|--------2~---------------|a|-----------1h2h3-3-2-1--|-----------1h2h3-4-4//1--|E|--2(0)------------------|--2(0)~------------------|
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