Flatsound – Crowded Parks chords

Verse: Aadd11e|----------0----------------------------------0--------------------|B|-----2------2----0----0---b2----------2------2----0----0/2b-------|G|-2-----2------2-----2--------------2-----2------2-----2------2----| (loops during the verses)D|------------------0----------------------------------0------------|A|-0----------------------------------0-----------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus: Aadd11e|----------------------------------------|B|------2---------------------------------|G|---2---2--------------------------------| (loops during the chorus)D|----------------------------------------|A|-0--0----0------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
[Verse One] Aadd11 Whats the matter little babe? Aadd11 Do you miss your mothers face? Aadd11 She had gone and changed her name Aadd11 But that doesn’t mean a thing Aadd11 Stay strong, i too have felt betrayed [Chorus]
A11I saw her hiding drinks
A11Under baths and kitchen sinks
A11She won't stop until she thinks she’s cured
[Verse Two] Aadd11 Little boy, how is your health? Aadd11 You remind me of myself Aadd11 If you fight your fears today Aadd11 I assure you’ll be okay Aadd11 Because i’ve layed right where you lay [Chorus]
A11Have you broke your promise, son?
A11Did you play with fathers gun?
A11Don’t ignore your phobias, they won't go away
[Verse Three] Aadd11 Oh my lover oh my friend Aadd11 I can hear you speak again Aadd11 And i know i’m movin’ on Aadd11 But i dont feel that you’ve gone Aadd11 Because i still hear your voice in crowded parks [Outro/Chorus]
A11I played another round
A11The odds had shot me down
A11But i’m making something out of myself
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