Foreign Fields – Where The Willow Tree Died chords

[Verse 1]

Em G Am EmUp on the limb I had more to see but I can't feel your hand
B EmAnd I can't extend my reach
[Verse 2]
Em G Am EmI yelled down to you to climb the tree instead without my help
B EmAnd you said back, "I tried"
[Verse 3]
Em G Am EmNow I am looking at the branch where I stand it's giving out, oh my
B EmCan you hear my lonely cry
[Verse 4]
Em G Am EmI could have saved a seed for you to grow and us to reap all night
B EmWhere the willow tree died
Em GWell you always play the games
Am Em B EmLooks like you're off again, but your branches always break
Em GWhen on solid ground we stand
Am Em B EmYou lean down and lend a hand and everything goes as you planned
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