Things chords with lyrics by Fortunate Youth - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fortunate Youth – Things chords

[Verse 1]
DDreaming a life
EScreamin' of loving you
DFeeling pure ecstasy
EmOoo you're making my dreams come true
DI can see forever, oh,
EmIn your eyes tonight
DOh, I know that this could be
EmOh, my type of life.
D EmThings. Things, baby.
DThey'd be so different, Oh,
EmIf you were mine, ooo yes,
D EmI said Things. Things, baby.
D EmThey'd be so different if you were mine.
[Verse 2]
DSitting on the train
EmCity lights don't look the same
DOn my way to make love to you
EmOh thinking things that I wanna do.
DLove is for real
EmYes, could love never be the same
DNow your loves to blame
EmFor making my heart feel this way
D EmThings. Things, baby.
DOh, are so different,
EmNow that you're mine, ooo yes,
D EmI said Things. Things, baby.
D EmOh are so different, ooo, now that you're mine.
DOooh, mine
[Verse 3]
DI can see by the text on the phone,
EmYou're not coming home.
DI can see by the pillow next to me,
EmOh, that your loves not into me
Dyo, I can only believe
EmThat your love was there for me
D EmBut now I'm feelin' this feelin'
D EmThings. Things, baby.
DThey are so different, Oh,
EmNow that you're gone, ooo yes,
D EmI said Things. Things, baby.
DThey are so different
EmNow that you're gone
DGone Away
D Emooooh yeah
D Em
Em D EmOh, I'll never, never, never be the same
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