Campfire chords with lyrics by Fox Amoore - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fox Amoore – Campfire chords


[Verse 1]
E C#m It's been a long one
A EWe can tell by the look in your eyes
E C#m It feels like you can't do nothing
A BOr at least nothin' that turns out right
E C#m You tried an you tried
A BBut you need something better tonight.
[Bridge] E A E A [Verse 2]
E C#m Come won't you join us
A EWe'll sit down and sing us a song
EJust start up a light
C#mAnd burn through the night
A BUnder the stars as we talk
E C#m With your friends all around you
A BIt's harder to feel like you're lost.
[Bridge] E A E A [Verse 3]
E C#m Let's light a fire
A E Let's chase off the cold
E C#m Let's get inspired
A B Let's never grow old
E C#m We can complete a circle,
A B And forget the world
[Bridge 2]
AWe'll be together
B A BTo shrug off whatever we can't seem to face on our own
B E AOh Come! Let's light a fire!
E ACome! Let's light a fire!
E ACome! Let's light a fire!
E ACome! Let's light a fire!
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