Francis Collins – I Did It Their Way My Way Parody chords

| C | Cmaj7 |
| C | Cmaj7 |

[Verse 1]
C Cmaj7I came, I bought the books,
C7 A7I slept in the dorms, followed directions
Dm Dm I worked, I studied hard
Dm G CMade lots of friends that had connections
C C7I crammed, they gave me grades
F Fm And may I say, not in a fair way
C G G F CBut more, much more than this, I did it thei r way
[Verse 2]
C Cmaj7I learned so many things
C7 A7Although I know, I'll never use them
Dm Dm The courses that I took
Dm G CWere all required, I didn't choose them
C C7You'll find that to survive,
F Fm Its best to play the doctrinaire way
C G G F CAnd so, I knuckled down and did it thei r way
[Verse 3]
C C7Well yes, there were times, I wondered why
F FI had to cringe, when I could fly
Dm GI had my doubts, but after all
Em Am7I clipped my wings, and learned to crawl
Dm GI learned to bend, and in the end
G F CI did it thei r way
[Verse 4]
C Cmaj7But now, my fine young friends
C7 A7Now that I am, a full professor
Dm Dm Where once, I was oppressed
Dm G CI have now become the cruel oppressor
C C7With me, I'll hope you'll see
F Fm The double helix is a highway
C G G F CAnd yes, you'll learn it's best to do it m y way
[Verse 5]
C C7Well I'm just a man, what can I do?
F Fm Open your books, read chapter two
Dm GAnd if it seems a bit routine
Em Am7Don't talk to me, go see the Dean
Dm G G F CJust start today, love DNA and do it m y way!
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