Frank Iero and the Patience – World Destroyer chords


E Em E



[Verse 1]

         Am             D                           E

It’s the truth, not the lies, that hurt the ones we love

Am      D                        E

So I, I tried my best to be good enough




     A                          B      C

Can somebody tell me if this is really happening?


I care enough to save me, I won't let this define me

G    F#  E                    A

Love blind eyes, they see fine…

          F#   G     F#                  E   Em   E

'Til they grow tired of staring into the light


G    D     C  E

Your love takes the shape of suffering and silently

G           D    E

I wish that I was anybody but me, anybody but me, anybody but me


Your wraith


     B       C              G          F#    Em

Well-trained eyes find that things are not alright

E           A               F# G       F#      E   C   Em  E  Em  C  Em

It’s no surprise that I got so good at fucking up



[Verse 2]

        G                D                     Em  E  Em

There’s times when I pretend you never made it home

     G         D               G      B    Em

When I take my time I can make things seem fine…

             Am            D                   E

'Til I got tired of hiding you from the ones I love

Em           C

Thought I did




D  B       A  G

We thought we had it all

E                 Em

The only thing we own is what we can give

E                   Em               C    D   B         G      Em

If we can't forgive then we’ll never know how far we’ve really come


You’re not a slave to the past


You’re not a slave

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