Frank Ocean – Wither chords

Asus2 A (hammer-on B string 2nd fret)

[Verse 1]
D Gmaj7 Amaj7 Over where the trees burn down
Gmaj7/BThe place where the fields went down in flames
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 We could put a hole in the ground
Amaj7 Gmaj7/BThrow seeds and dance for rain
Dmaj7 Gmaj7It takes a mind to worry
Amaj7A conscience to feel ashamed
Gmaj7/B Dmaj7 But there's no place to hide out here
Gmaj7 Amaj7 These skies are filled with planes
[Verse 2]
Cmaj7 D6 And both our hands are filthy
Gmaj7 Amaj7Pointing up at the moon
Am7 D7 A7/G Dmaj7/A And tonight I'll hold you close, close enough to bruise
Cmaj7 D6 Gmaj7 Amaj7Hope a garden grows where we dance this afternoon
Am7 D7 A7/G Dmaj7/AHope our children walk by spring when flowers bloom
Cmaj7 D6Hope they'll get to see my color
Gmaj7 Amaj7Know that I've enjoyed sunshine
Am7 D7 A7/G Dmaj7/A Pray they'll get to see me, me wither (when I was young)
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Amaj7 Gmaj7/B See me (too) wither
Dmaj7(when I was young)
Gmaj7 Amaj7 Gmaj7/B Know that (me) I've enjoyed the sunshine
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Amaj7When I was young, know it happens all -- (me)
Gmaj7/B Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Amaj7Know that I've enjoyed the sunshine -- (me)
Gmaj7/B Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Amaj7Know it happens all (me) -- all the time (me)
Gmaj7/B Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Amaj7 Gmaj7/B Know it happens all (me) -- all the time (me)
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Amaj7 Gmaj7/BWhen I was young (me, me)
[Outro] Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Amaj7 Gmaj7/B
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