Frank Ocean – Non Stop chords

[Intro / Lead] 

C Am GIm knocking on your door, and its cold, yes its cold
F G F CBut I brought your favorite flowers, teddy bear and a card
Am G Cause I know that loving me is a chore, its a chore
F G F CBut I won’t stop loving you thats for sure, thats for sure
C You could open your window baby
Am GAnd ask me to go away
F G CBut theres no way, no how Ill stop loving you
Em D C It’s none stop, Oh no, oh no, oh no
Em D C It wont stop, Oh no, oh no, oh no
Em D C AmThis love is gonna keep going, it aint gonna slow
Em D C Its none stop, Oh no, oh no, oh no
[Verse 2]
C Am Gsat down in my car, not to leave, just to park
F G F CI’m still not losing hope, though the sky is getting dark
C Am G F I wish you’d just peak out the blinds to my heart
G FBut you turned your bedroom light on
C AmWell at least thats a start
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