Daytime chords with lyrics by Fresh - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Fresh – Daytime chords

D Bm A G x2

[Verse 1]
D Bm A GWe go to a place, that I've never been to before in the daytime
D Bm A GYou hold my hand, your opinion doesn't define who I am
Em BmI'm so short-sighted
G D Bm A GAn I just can't hide it
[Verse 2]
D Bm A GBright blue sky, it's okay to feel angry sometimes
D Bm A GAnd who am I, to throw rocks through the window of your tour bus?
Em BmI don't like my current situation
G D Bm A GBut I don't have a choice
Em BmWe could start draggin up the past
G D Bm A GBut I don't see the point
[Verse 3]
D Bm A GIt feels worthwhile, to hang around and see where I get to
D Bm A G DFrom time to time, I miss your dog but I don't miss you
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